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ThrottleUp! is a comprehensive entrepreneurial education community that embodies a wide range of activities and events.  Here is a list of our programs with a description and a link:

ThrottleUpTN - ThrottleUp Tennessee is a training, coaching and mentoring program offered by in partnership with Technology 2020 and Pathway Lending to provide a hands on experience to entrepreneurs in East Tennessee with an emphasis on rural areas.  To find out more about ThrottleUpTN, click on this link: ThrottleUpTN

ThrottleUp! Business Plan Competition - The ThrottleUp! Business Plan Competition is held annually as part of the Entreprenerial Imperative Conference in Knoxville TN.  Seed stage startup companies compete for one of 6 spots to present to a panel of Venture Capitalists for feedback on their business modelas and a cash prize.  For more information, click on this link: ThrottleUp! Competition


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